Marilyn And Me

"marilyn monroe and arthur miller"
Marilyn Monroe: North Node in Cancer

No wonder I always liked Marilyn Monroe, since childhood, since I knew who she was. And yes I was attracted to her glow, her beauty but it wasn’t about glamour or sex. I mean, as a kid that stuff didn’t make a dent, didn’t make a difference. I just knew I liked her and started growing a book collection, lots of picture books, even her autobiography. She had a sweet and vulnerable quality which I was drawn to so I wasn’t surprised to see that her North Node in Cancer (conjunct her Pluto!) is conjunct my Sun. Her Venus trines my Venus. Her Mars trines my Mars.

I wasn’t surprised to see her South Node in “hard on the self” Capricorn. She needed to move towards the mother, to nurturing caring empathic North Node in Cancer in Pisces’ natural house, the 12th. Interesting, my sister also has this natal placement (without the Pluto conjunction).

And if you know anything about Marilyn’s life then you know she spent time in foster homes and her childhood was pretty much a disaster. Saturn in Scorpio in the 4th. Oy.

But what do you make of that Pluto (11th House using the Koch system) conjunct the North Node in the 12th? Was she betrayed by her “friends”? I think so. But her job was also to reinvent herself as an actor, a serious actor, and I think that was the direction she was heading in when she died.

And if you don’t know what this woman was capable of, watch The Misfits sometime, although I think director John Huston is guilty of some pretty objectifying moments (like a close-up of her ass as she’s playing ping-pong). It’s so ridiculous, pointless, it’s almost funny. And my Cancerian mothering kicks in. I want to edit out those stupid moments and let Marilyn the actor shine as her Leo Rising was meant to.

Is there an artist or celebrity who you always liked and then saw their chart and it all made sense? 

Note to self: be nicer to Capricorn

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