Many Hearts, Many Valentines: Full Moon In LEO February 14th

I like Valentine’s Day.

I like pink and red stuff showing up in stores. I like hearts. I like chocolate and other sweet things.

This year, the Full Moon in Leo falls on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, at 26 degrees Leo.

The Moon will make a hard aspect to Venus and a hard aspect to Saturn — so the lead-up is a bit tense yes — before revealing itself as FULL, opposing the Sun (and Mercury) in Aquarius.

Moon also will sextile Mars (the best aspect of the bunch). It IS a good day for, to paraphrase Marvin Gaye, getting it on 🙂

Leo rules love affairs, wedding rings, romance, pleasure 🙂 Works for me. Leo rules the HEART. Tha-thump. 

My advice for the Leo Full Moon, whether you are partnered, considering partnering, considering separating, alone and lonely, alone but not lonely, here is my advice for the Leo Full Moon:

KING OF CUPS: share your feelings, open your heart. Be proud of who you are. THE ABILITY TO LOVE (says Mary K Greer about this card). Who do you care about? Who cares about you? Stop keeping score says my King of Cups. Just love.


I am learning SO MUCH these days. I am learning so much I want to shout about it. In lieu of that I’ll type in ALL CAPS here 🙂 I am learning so much about Mars in Libra and relationships. Had some revelations yesterday. Perhaps obvious ones. But there’s a difference between intellectually pondering something, theorizing, and actually FEELING it. That’s a difference between the King of Swords and the King of Cups.

How you survive and thrive during Mars in Libra (and we still have months to go)  is by see-saw living — your turn, their turn, your turn, their turn. You can’t expect THEM to do it all. And for sure YOU cannot do it all. Even if, in your pink and red heart of hearts you believe they are wrong and you are right. Or vice versa. I guarantee: you are NOT seeing everything clearly, and Mars in Libra is here to right that wrong. WE NEED THESE LESSONS. Mars in Libra gets a bad rap — indecisive, needing to be led. But the truth is (in my humble opinion): relationships are worth fighting for and peace takes energy/effort to maintain.

This long Mars in Libra transit overall is a preview of the Nodes moving into Libra/Aries — in the sense that the restless selfish inability to see the other person’s point of view… isn’t working for you. As much as you want to believe that it doesn’t take two. As much as you want to believe that it’s all THEIR fault. Or your own. Well, that kind of thinking has gotten you only SO FAR.

So instead of throwing everything away and moving on (very Aries South Node – born to be wild – back on the road – burn it all down) why not try actually committing (Libra rules marriage) and working on it. Change your perspective. Believe it can be fixed, the love can be saved, there’s hope in the world after all. Can I get an AMEN?

Does this apply to your life?

Love, MP


A couple folks already expressed interest in the upcoming class (starting Feb 17th). I will run it with small numbers (5 participants minimum) but I’d love to have double that. 

Here are the details: 

February Class will be one of my Hybrid classes. 

The astrological focus will be The 12th House – an exploration of!

The 12th House is THE PRISON but also the ESCAPE key!

Meditation, solitude, secret love affairs, psychics, oh my!

I will be bringing you ideas from my favorite astrologers (Sasportas, Arroyo, Marks) as well as analyzing your natal 12th and any 12th House transits you are having.

The class will feature Daily Tarot pulls (from me) for each participant.

Also will be establishing a meditation schedule for myself in there, which you are encouraged to follow We will review techniques from my faves (Pema Chodron and Edgar Cayce) as well as some exploration of mantras. You are welcome to bring wisdom from your own faves of course. 

Discussion/chart based as always. Got questions? Message me! 

Start date February 17th. 
$100 by PayPal

P.S. Class Length: Two Weeks. It’s a drop-in class, like always. You show up when you can, participate when you can, the class is always open  I’m there daily. 

May take weekends off, we’ll see…. And I tend to add on days if I have to miss a day (due to busy client schedule or doc appointments, etc.

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