Making Venus Okay And Then You Won’t Have To Work So Hard Because Venus ATTRACTS

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I’ve got so many thoughts in my head today about VENUS.  I’m not sure where to start.

Deeeeeep breath.

I asked a question on my Facebook Timeline:

Did folks feel more “masculine” or more “feminine” or balanced?

I do know that I am “out of balance” and I had a reading this morning (yes I give them AND get them) and this topic came up in conversation — and actually this topic often comes up when I get readings, but with different phrasing, different words, different context. The many faces of the Goddess. Outside. Inside.

Perfect timing, Universe. Venus entered Leo today. My natal Venus is in Leo. (And my progressed Venus is in Libra HELLO). Venus will get to Virgo and then go retrograde so… I find this fitting.

And maybe it’s fitting for you too.
Maybe you need to do some Venus retrieval yourself. Venus Soul Retrieval. 

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The Night Porter

(Some other chart factors of mine: Venus in the 12th House conjunct my South Node. Past Life connection. And/or this life’s traumas making Venus hide her face.)

I want a flow chart. I want to plot it out, but first a few more scattered points: 

I have Saturn in TAURUS (a Venus ruled sign). Venus is my work (because Saturn is work). Everything that Venus is…  I cannot ignore. Ignore at my own risk. And this is in regards to INSIDE and OUTSIDE.

Small steps. Don’t get overwhelmed. Small steps.

So I started making lists… of ways I could begin to embody Venus (again), incorporate Venus, inside ways and outside ways, and also thinking of Venus as Goddess and all these keywords floated up and I decided to make a sort of Vision Board to accompany me through Venus’ transit through Leo because with the RETROGRADE comes introspection and I want balance. I value (Venus) balance.

I don’t know how it will shake out. I don’t know what will happen exactly. But I know I am having three Venus Returns! And I am committed (Venus Saturn trine today/tomorrow) to this Venus experiment until Venus enters Virgo for good.

You may want to try something similar for the summer (or winter, depending on your location).

"venus in leo retrograde"I finished exercising and then did a little qigong (a DVD I have from a million years ago). I took a magickal bath and was conscious of using my more Venusian oils (rose, gardenia). Then I went to the store but before I went to the store, I stayed in awareness of the Goddess and my representation of the Goddess (she has many faces). I had planned to wash my hair and I did so. Made sure to put “product” on afterwards to keep the curl happy and the potions smell amazing. I put on a little lipstick and perfume. I love perfume. Make-up I don’t always tend to. This may all be normal “leaving the house” stuff for many of you reading this (or a scaled down version actually). I was only going a couple block away, on foot, to the store. But my point is that I did it all with consciousness, awareness of Venus. Who knows what I’ll do next! Maybe shave my legs 😉 (Say it ain’t so!)

The woman where I got my dinner complimented my hair. It was wet.

My notebook now is filled with stray thoughts and lists for Venus in Leo season and I think most important of all is the perspective part, the inside part, the mantras, the reminders to “soften.” And more. More that I don’t have figured out yet. The new spells I will do, the magickal part. The Vision Board to create. When I had my reading this morning, I remembered Pema Chodron saying that, about the heart — to let it open. To soften. Venus is soft, right? How does passionate bold Venus in Leo soften? She purrs. Kitten not Lion, right?

"venus square saturn"
In the Realm of the Senses

I am a strong person. Powerful, passionate. Moon Pluto conjunction in the First House. How my passion and power fits in with a more feminine energy of receptivity and vulnerability… I’m not sure yet. But I’m looking forward to the discovery.

Oh, and by the way, my old Taurus roommate was always telling me that I AM very feminine (in appearance and aura). I’m a soft-looking person. No hard angles. I had never thought about it either way — except that I didn’t look like or feel like the other girls (so I thought). Not a tomboy but an extreme lack of interest in “girls’ things” — unlike my roommate who was all pink and red and anti-aging creams and fashion model and dresses. I experience my Venus through Saturn (limitation, deprivation) and I also have a Venus Saturn square (more of same). But Saturn has many faces too. Not just limitation and deprivation but Mastery. 

And today when I went out, all clean and new, and smelling damn good, I made sure to wear my black boots. Thou shall not abandon thy black boots.

To be continued…

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