Making Venus Happy

Your Venus has needs. It’s not just the Moon who needs.

This topic is on my mind because I was about to start a thread on the message board but wanted to share here too.

It took me a long time to make sense of my Venus in Leo. She’s in the 12th House. Didn’t know she was there. But Leo is Leo even in the 12th. A smaller mane perhaps. Or not.

Demanding. Glorious. The Queen.


The oneΒ exact aspect in my chart is a Venus Jupiter sextile. Venus is happy to be close to Jupiter, and in sweet aspect. But is she a tamer Leo in the 12th? Oh yes I think so.

Problems arise when you remain unaware of what your Venus needs. So go back to basics.

What sign is she in? What house? What major aspects? Go there first. What does she need to do? What does she need to express? What will make her happy?

Tell us in the comments!


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