Make Your Life A Ritual In Libra Season

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are you a magician?

I am not a magician. I am not a witch, old fashioned or new, but such things interest me, especially ritual. I grew up in a traditionally religious home, and ritual is second nature. It’s what we do. And yesterday in between one thing and another I was thinking about love and people who want love and who don’t have love and how to bring it and I’m not saying that lighting a single candle can change your life, but make your life a ritual, an offering, to the Gods, to God, to Spirit, the Universe, whatever… 😉

What is an offering? Well, an offering is a sacrifice but we can make it sound more positive than that. You don’t sacrifice yourself. You do light a candle instead. You bring fruit to the temple. You tithe. You make a substitution. You sing, you pray, you sweat. But it does take effort i.e. the physical i.e. action i.e. doing. In my experience, just “thinking about it” isn’t enough.  We live here on earth no matter our charts.

The other most important thing is the belief. Well, belief + rigorous Saturnian scrutiny into your patterns and how you block opportunity with your shameless refusal to quit acting so… proud of how difficult you are. It’s time to grow up! Saturn in Libra! Pluto in Capricorn! And in Libra Season we need Virgo Magic + ruthless understanding of the other. How is it for them?

Love someone besides yourself!

End of Virgo, beginning of Libra. End of summer, beginning of fall. Tick-tock.

And what’s needed is consistency. Once you’ve decided what you are going to do and once you’ve decided to commit to your path, you must not back down. It’s not like a diet, where you are bound to yo-you. I’m talking about sticking. I’m talking about discipline (Saturn) where your magic is concerned, where your life is concerned. You must not stop.

Now, love may not be your focus but thinking about love is what brought me to this topic of making your life a ritual and Libra Season being the perfect time to begin or begin again, just in time for the New Moon.

And you? Are you disciplined? Can you imagine the life you want so much? 

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