Magician Or High Priestess? Both! Saturn Goes Retrograde February 18th

Generally speaking, Saturn presents to us a burden, a setback.

Where he’s transiting in our chart, our life, is where we have work to do. Get back on track.

My theory is that there is a mess somewhere in your chart and Saturn comes in to clean it up (with your help, it won’t happen without you) and the mess has to do with unfulfilled dreams and necessary goals. And, I believe, you have to study the meanings of the houses to get to the root of the knowledge, what you need to know.

When you find the Scorpio house(s) in your chart, can you see this, feel this? How true it is? What needs fixing. Take a stab at it. A guess. First thing that leaps to mind. What needs deep (Scorpio) repair as well as your commitment and time. Or maybe you feel in the dark. That’s valid too. And some houses are darker than others but I believe a lot of this can be uncovered.

When Saturn is direct you make progress even when it doesn’t feel that way. Saturn goes retrograde and… what?

Some say the difference is that we move from external to internal i.e. interior action. Review, rewind, revision, relive, recollect, renew, reuptake 😉

In one way the pressure is off ahhhh take a break from the active (the Magician) and venture inward (High Priestess) but actually I don’t think it’s quite that black and white. We can use the retrograde period to discover what is there and define the goal that much more clearly by… walking around it. Looking at from the side. Taking its picture. Going roundabout. Getting confused. Digging in. Getting found by getting lost. Yeah.

I’m going to use a metaphor from my own chart. Saturn is transiting my third house. Third House rules cars. Saturn transiting there is a car on the road, going somewhere. At least I think I’m going somewhere but I’m flailing. I’m not so sure of my direction but we’re moving and I take solace in that but isn’t that just a little dumb? To keep pushing without stopping to look at the map at all? Ever?

Saturn wants a map. So Saturn goes retrograde and the car breaks down and you have no idea what small town this is but you need to get out of the car and look around. Looks friendly enough 😉 And lucky for me there’s a crazy gas shortage and I’m stranded for months.

But remember the first thing you do after banging on the steering wheel is get out of the car and look around.

I picture transits literally. Inside the transit. Inside the house of the wheel. In that space. Get out and look around. Gain perspective even High Priestess perspective.

I really want you to succeed. I want to succeed too. And honestly I don’t know if I passed the Saturn in Libra test. I did in some ways, but perhaps not in others. The curveballs kept coming.

So the next test is now. Saturn (your destiny) in Scorpio (inheritance). What is meant to be yours? Saturn makes you doubt yourself, makes you feel afraid but the flip side of that is working for what you’re meant to have. I know it sounds like a contradiction but it’s not 🙂

Saturn goes retrograde on February18th at 11 degrees Scorpio and goes direct July 8th at 4 degrees Scorpio.


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