Magic, Ritual, And Setting Intentions: New Moon In Aquarius

"new moon in aquarius"
Marilyn Monroe Moon in Aquarius

In the comments, A. asked this question:

Do you believe that there should be some sort of intention setting ceremony? Or is it enough just to decide in your head what your intentions for the new moon are? 

Thanks for asking. I love this question.

I don’t believe it has to be as formal as a “ceremony” – and maybe others don’t interpret the word “ceremony” as being formal but… semantics aside, here’s what I think:

Yes — do something physical, tangible. Don’t just think it. DO SOMETHING. Do something while you think it. And it can be as elaborate or as simple as you wish.

(You could set aside some special time for visualization alone, as well.)

And you can discover something that resonates for you in a book or through a google search of all kinds of rituals… but I think the New Moon in Aquarius wants YOU to do what is uniquely YOU as I was writing earlier today. 

A couple months ago I was doing a weekly newsletter — I was so busy I couldn’t continue with it but in those newsletters I did give some thoughts/ideas for rituals for New Moons, Full Moons, other planetary stuff.

(Which reminds me, I hope to bring back the newsletter soon – but as a monthly, along with another cool thing that I am so excited to introduce, but you’ll just have to wait until I’m ready to post about it! Hmm, another thought — maybe I should build a class around this topic hmm. )

I use candles a lot, fire ritual, and incense to *clear* the air – and it can be that simple. I mean, every color has symbolism so let’s say you are doing a love ritual i.e have a love intention i.e. this New Moon you want to focus on drawing love into your life.

So you will get candles that are the color of love. And maybe you will decide to burn them in special dishes or for a certain number of nights and maybe you will prepare something to read or maybe you will write something while the candle is burning or maybe you will burn the paper or maybe it’s a separation ritual… This is where the magic begins. Intentional thought + intentional action = ritual = you can create your life.

The physical part of the ritual is what grounds it here on earth. The physical part is what brings IT (what we desire) from up there, from the realm of thought/dream/spirit into HERE, earth plane, existence, manifestation.

We are what links. Funny, I see it in my mind as… a straw or funnel. We funnel the energy down from above. 

God/Spirit/Your Guides/the Universe want to help you and you need to create the vessel. If you don’t… it’s a broken chain.

At the same time you are the vessel itself. Or it’s that you can be. Do you understand what I’m saying?

The power comes from above, through you, through your body, and then into WHAT? Create something, a place, for that power to rest. 

One more thing: don’t be afraid to want. Don’t be afraid of what you want. Maybe you want to be rich. Maybe you want 3 lovers. Maybe you want to move far away from your grown children. Know what you want and make peace with it… which means abandoning guilt, for example.

Another thing: be clear about your intentions. Clear within.

I was writing to someone today (a Tarot reading) telling them that the message they were sending to Spirit was cloudy, blurry and until they got clear the Universe was going to reject their request because the Universe couldn’t figure it out!

I don’t mean that to sound so stark but I believe it’s how it works. And, yeah, don’t just think about it – LIVE THIS WAY. Live this way, with intention through all things, and you will change your life.

Thanks everyone (clients and commenters) for giving me such a lovely start to the weekend. I am grateful.


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