Magic Mind: Mercury Trine Uranus

"Mercury trine Uranus"
Mercury trine Uranus

Play ball!

I got an image in my mind today while I was on the subway:  a ball in the air. Tossing it up and it coming down. It didn’t feel like juggling energy, not like the 2 of Pentacles in the Tarot.  More like “sending out.”

And even though this action feels earthy to me, I relate it to the Mercury Uranus trine in the sky right now.

Can you see it too? Throw the ball up. Look up.  Ball mixing with the blue sky.  And down it comes. Changed. Magic.

Throw it up there again and this is important: see what comes back, see what comes down.

Is it still a ball? Visualize what you want.  Money? A whole and healed heart?  A baby? A baby falling from the sky?  New flatware? Ouch!

Mercury trine Uranus is like this: instant magic mind. Connections made. Plug in this and then THIS comes out. Electricity! But make it WHAT YOU WANT! 

Mercury trine Uranus = free your mind. 

What are you experiencing? 

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