Love/Confusion: Venus Retrograde + Uranus Square Pluto

"venus in cancer"

Life feels like it’s speeding up or is about to speed up, just days before Saturn goes direct and Venus goes direct.

And speaking of Venus going direct next week:

old loves ARE popping up in my life i.e. someone called last night. Why? Dunno. I didn’t answer.

And he’s not actually a former boyfriend but an old high school friend who presented himself as a potential boyfriend. This was about 5 years ago and last night he calls. Typical for Venus retrograde.

And here is a short list of the accompanying emotions of the tail-end of this Venus in Gemini retrograde transit:

jealousy, emotional intensity, confusion, regret, sadness, hope, no clue.

Yes, no clue is an emotion.


Is your love, at this time, destructive (Pluto) or liberating (Uranus)? And can you tell the difference? 

Throw the pieces up up up up up in the air and watch where they land.

Imagine they are colors. What do you see? What shape do they take?

Remember: Venus in Gemini has been your love fluctuation, your love confusion, your inner and outer chatter, your heart versatility.

But Venus in Cancer (the sign Venus enters next) is LOVE COMING HOME to where it should be, where it belongs.

Love, Mama MP

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