Love Poem For Tuesday (Mercury in Pisces)

Mercury is now in Pisces. 

Sometimes escape is your best medicine. Mercury will conjoin Neptune and then Chiron during his stay in Pisces. 

I have Mercury in Cancer trine Neptune. This is air (mind/logic) affected (loosened up) by water (caring/intuition). Logic underwater. Water logic. Intuition. Poetry. Magic. Truth. Beyond words into song. The call of the mermaid. Each to each 😉 A world without art would be no world.

Neptune in my 3rd house of MIND in my natal chart. I remember this when I seek to understand why I do astrology a little differently than most folks. And I have decided to commit to that for the first time, the poet-me, here, on these pages. Mercury affected by water by Neptune is the poet, words come from the world of dreams and intuition and higher consciousness and love. I have sharp tools (very Virgo) but I breathe underwater too.

I have a friend with Neptune in her 3rd House by transit and she is struggling. She is a Taurus Sun and she is used to life being solid despite the wild horses of her chart. But the 3rd House is actually a marvelous place for Neptune once you make the agreement. Once you sign the contract. 3rd House rules contracts, is associated with Gemini/Mercury.

This Neptune contract though is signed in invisible ink.

Famous key phrase: Neptune dissolves what it touches. Here today gone tomorrow, right?

But you can think of this another way. Not the pain of absence or disappearance or lost words imagined, but the glory beauty of shimmering. The silvery gills of the fish. An image that goes in and out of focus like God’s face. A surface which promises more. Nothing is lost. Only hidden but flickering. It comes back! See? It came back!

I think my Taurus friend should eat more fish. Embody fish wisdom. The open eye. What we eat becomes us. We make holy what we eat by paying tribute to the animal (if you eat animal products).

Neptune is the higher octave of Venus. Personal love (Venus) vs. God’s love you feel and God’s love you return. This is how it feels to be a Venus in the 12th House. I love with MORE than my own being. I have the angels flapping in my heart. Sometimes it makes a racket.  You can live in this realm, if you choose to, while Mercury is in Pisces, freed from the tyranny of logic which isn’t logic at all, but fear.

This is what I put on my Facebook this morning, a poem for you:

Love Poem for Tuesday:

Tuesday message:
treat yourself with gentleness and care.
When you are sick, rest.
When you are hurting, rest.
Treat yourself with gentleness and care.
Treat: “try to heal or cure”
Gentleness: “not harsh or severe. A gentle embankment.”
Care: “keep oneself safe”

Love, MP

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