Love, Pity, And The Cancer-Capricorn Axis

"full moon in cancer 2012"
Frida, my favorite Cancer

Cancer can be soft. Capricorn can be hard. And vice versa. Combine and balance these two *opposites* and you’ve got the ultimate Inner Parent: nurturing + discipline = reliable support. For example, letting your kid learn to walk without worrying they’ll fall because you know they will. At first.

I’ve got a friend who was coming out of a real hard time and deep depression and the other day was in a car wreck (she’s okay but may need surgery). My friend is also an addict and now she’s got this bottle of pain pills so now what.

And my friend lives across the country from me so I can’t go over there to cook or clean or take her to the doctor or change her bandage. She doesn’t have family nearby and I worry.

Love versus Pity: I will give her whatever love I have and can, from this distance, but I will not indulge her self-pity, which she may have every right to feel, because I think it won’t help. At all. She’s got Cancer planets (and so do I!) and Cancer can easily wallow and get stuck in the mud and not clean themselves off FOR YEARS.

So this is my *ideal* and like with all ideals, I will come up short but when friends are in trouble you got to support like Saturn and love like CancerΒ and you help them most by allowing them to take responsibility for their getting back up (emotionally or physically) and as a Virgo Moon this is a stretch for me. I want to fix it ALL now.

I also fear turning into my Bubby (Yiddish for grandmother), but that’s another story.


What’s your helping theory?Β 

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