Love, Pity, And The Cancer Capricorn Axis (part 3)

"full moon in cancer 2012"
Frida, my favorite Cancer (with Diego, Sagittarius)

No hugs necessary. Really.

So I wrote these two posts today – raw, naked posts – or maybe they only felt that way to me. Maybe they didn’t come across that way at all.

And all day, when I was away from home, I thought about deleting them.

It’s like this: it’s not a bad thing. It’s like this: I move through it. I write it. You read it. There’s a circuit here, a circuit of energy. Exorcism. Get it out. Write, cry, walk, feel — none of these things are taboo for me.

Feeling whatever I feel *feels* *good* to me. So please don’t feel bad for me. I’m not afraid to feel deeply. And on a regular basis (she says with childlike glee!).

The energy moves like a snake through the body and it is liberating.

This isn’t to say that life is perfect but when you move the energy through… you… create something and this is one of the many functions of my Moon and Pluto conjunction: move it through move it through move it through.

Where do you feel your feelings? 

Thus I always feel embarrassed when people offer sympathy because… I didn’t feel bad although I understand the impulse because I have it too!

But back to the story of those two posts which really are about the nature of a Cancer Sun and how for a Cancer Sun to be denied the opportunity to take care of a loved one…

I can’t think of a good metaphor tonight.

But all this just goes to show, to remind me, to apply my heart elsewhere and otherwise, like the good bandage that it is.

See, some people want your love. And some people don’t. Put it where it’s wanted. Cuz this stuff… this stuff that you have, you and you and you and you… it don’t grow on trees. It’s rich and it’s deep and it’s effervescent, and…

So that’s my final New Moon in Capricorn thought. Until I come up with another one. New Moons are for intentions, seeds, and it ain’t too late for you to set yours.

Care to join me? 


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