Love, Oppositions, And Squares


Sometimes one sentence can inspire a blog post and I was on the train, reading an Astrology book of course, reading about Oppositions and Squares because I always seek a new way to understand or think about “the basics” which really aren’t so basic.

Here’s my theory: a person with Oppositions in her (or his) chart is going to reach out more than a person with mostly Squares in her (or his) chart. Oppositions draw people in and make us move towards others. The internal crisis of the Square often make a person that much more interior and not want to share because they are struggling so much.

I’m generalizing here but bear with me 🙂

So when someone with a chart filled with Oppositions gets involved with a person without Oppositions, it’s a difficult match. The Opposition Person will keep trying to work it out, work it through, be less afraid of conflict because that’s what Oppositions are: conflicts that need resolving, balancing.

And the Square Person? They rather leave because the conflict has exhausted them and it’s hard to even put it into words.

Now on the other hand, it’s possible that these types can teach each other but basically, for you budding astrologers out there, this is something you should consider when you look at Synastry because synastry is about two people and their psychologies and their methods for problems solving and if you’ve got Opposition Oliver always trying to work it out somehow and you’ve got Square Sally just internalizing and hiding, well… it becomes very Two of Swords, don’t you think? Stalemate!

Do I think these unions are all DOOMED? No, I do not. But keep it in mind when you compare charts. Sally Square may need lessons in sharing her feelings with someone besides HERSELF and Opposition Ollie may need to be less combative.

Do you have Squares? Oppositions? Both? 

Love, MP

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