Love, Neptune, And The Urge To Merge

Been thinking a lot about love and vibrational matching.

That until you are a vibrational match with your love, there’s a gap. (And this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. There are different kinds of love and it may be different at different times.)

I was writing about the gap yesterday, but in a different context. That gap was about how… when I stop and notice during the day (mindfulness practice) that sometimes I feel a terrifying space expanse and I feel the need to fill it — with hope, with God, with SOMETHING. With toast. (And suddenly I feel the need to watch Raging Bull. Why is this? But I digress… Something about the archetypal small-mouthed blond and the hulking desperate man.)

We may, however, need this gap. We may *need* to feel lonely or separate until we… earn it? Is that too Saturnian to say? You survived Saturn (death) in Libra (relationship) for a reason, right?


My chart is full of Venus Neptune urge-to-merge signatures. Venus in the 12th House. Venus square Neptune. Neptune ruling my descendent. By transit, Neptune is late in my 6th House. The fraud (Neptune) vs. the ideal (Neptune). The fooled-by-love vs. forever-and-ever. It’s extreme. Y’all think Pluto is playing for keeps? Don’t fuck with Neptune. Neptune is the 8 of Swords blindfold. Self-sabotage! With Neptune, you get lost in a maze, haze, and there’s no Saturn flat on your face (so you KNOW something is wrong) or Pluto placenta (so you KNOW you’ve been born, you’re out of the womb and breathing on your own). You keep escaping. An endless loop.

Neptune love is like no other though – it has no limit, no boundary, it IS the gap, the expanse (that IS love) so Neptune must focus its love beam on more than an individual person. Love the collective, all people, all animals, this group, that group, widen it. So you don’t drown your personal love. That’s the risk with Neptune love. Drowning. Pluto love may be homicide and Saturn love is cruelty. But Neptune love makes you drink the poison. Yes, this can apply to Venus in Pisces and other Venus Neptune variations.

Can you tell it’s overcast today in the Big City?


I’m not sure how to define the term “vibrational match” (in a clear and interesting way this morning) but I know it when I feel it. I know it when I don’t feel it. And it’s nothing you can force. It’s something that happens (and not necessarily forever. It could last a couple minutes. Penetration is more a Pluto word than a Neptune word but I think that’s how vibrational matching works — the penetration can last a lifetime, a forever marriage, or the cock, metaphorically speaking, may be impotent.)

Vibrational matching has to do with surrender. Submission and surrender and then click-click, the other person feels it and asks you what you just did. What you did was… drop out of your resistance and you’re ready. Your soul has caught up.

How do you feel about Neptune? 

Love, MP


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