Love? Money? Whatever! Venus Is Still Retrograde

"mercury in cancer"

And so is Saturn. And Pluto. And now Neptune too!

A story for Venus Retrograde:

This morning I was out and about pretty early. At Grand Central Station’s Apple store to return some software. No problem there. I love the Apple people πŸ™‚

After Apple I headed to a little chain cafe on the corner to get a bagel and my coffee and as I was preparing my self-serve coffee, I spilled the scalding liquid (Neptune rules liquid) on my sandals/toes and hand.

It was shocking. (I haven’t checked my transits from this morning but sounds like Mars/Uranus.)

I quickly prepare another coffee and head down the street, eventually noticing that my hand hurts; it’s tingling.

I walk another block, duck into a drug store to ask the Pharmacist what to do. My blood sugar is dropping, my hand hurts, I’m walking confusion.

I leave with some Neosporin (in case it blisters, he says) butΒ still feeling like I haven’t done the right thing so I call my Virgo Moon roommate who knows these things and ask her cuz I’m thinking she’ll tell me to go get lavender oil and aloe or some Virgo Moony concoction.

ICE she says to me. ICE for as long as you can stand it.Β 

(And my 1st instinct WAS ice but I had remembered reading that for some burns DON’T ice.)


Now here is where the story gets good πŸ˜‰

I walk into a bodega and ask for a cup of ice, fully willing to pay for it of course. The guy directs me to the freezer and tells me it’s 50 cents. I bring it to the counter. He puts a napkin on top. I’m thinking I need more napkins to wrap the ice. I ask him please for moreΒ and the guy looks at me and says NO.

I’m so taken aback that I leave.

Walk another block and I see there’s one of NYC’s ubiquitous food carts. I’ve still got the dollar in my hand and I ask the guy for a cup of ice. He offers me a huge cup but the small one will be just fine. Β He gives me stack of napkins without my even asking. And then I try to give him the dollar once, twice, three times, and he refuses.

Moral of the story: keep asking.

(I’ve got a natal Venus square SaturnΒ and a local astrologer once told me, with Venus square Saturn you must ASK for love and money. Don’t just wait. ASK. This Venus Retrograde to me is like Venus square Saturn come to life, for EVERYONE.)

Back to my story: I wanted to cry. Not just over the bodega guy’s refusal but over the kindness of the food cart guy.

I passed by a church. The doors were open. I went in and I sat down in the near dark and gazed at the paintings and stained glass and statues and fell into how quiet it was and I cried and I cried and I cried and I thought “I’ll make a video and tell this story!”


And I asked the Saints on the walls for answers and they told me what to do. It was kind of general advice, but okay. I’ll be back πŸ™‚


The other moral to this story: don’t expect all that much to go in a straight line these days, what with all this retrograde energy and the smoke from the Eclipse fires still in the air.

Also, Mercury is in Cancer now. It’s alright to cry πŸ™‚

Love, MP

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