Love Letters From Saturn In Sagittarius

"saturn in sagittarius" I remember the day I came up with the idea for the school. I was petsitting for a client I’ve known for years. She was one of my first.

I planned to do more classes in 2014 and I did. At some point this summer though I changed the face of my website and took away those words — School for Magic and Healing. And the funny thing (this often happens with me) is that I learned far more about magic after I started the project and after I took those words away.

I tend to announce and then become.

A wise woman told me a couple weeks ago to trust my instincts. It’s something I tell others all the time. She told me, pretty much, not to waste too much time with my book learnin’ — NOT that the time is wasted but… I knew what she meant.

That I already know. That I don’t need permission. That I already CAN. And from that courageous point, everything else will grow around it. Learning isn’t the problem. Learning isn’t ever the problem. I have eyes, a brain, I’m not too dumb. I can absorb material and apply it. That’s the easy part.

So I have my books oh yes. And I am studying oh yes. Jupiter is transiting my 12th House. My occult library is growing. My knowledge is growing. But I also DO. I don’t wait unless I feel I need to.

This topic is on my mind because a student of mine (a gal who has taken a number of classes with me over the years) told me she is graduating from MoonPluto’s School for Magic and Healing, and that the Saturn in Sagittarius class (which starts next week and yes you may join, please email me at may be the last one she takes with me. Could be time to move on.

Moving on is a song I’m singing these days as I watch the transits. This Sunday Uranus goes direct. It’s the New Moon in Capricorn and the Solstice. Next week, Saturn enters Sagittarius. Mercury and the Sun in Capricorn will move through that gnarly Uranus Pluto square just as Venus is doing today/tomorrow. To say Change is in the Air would be an understatement. 

I keep talking about the lower degree Mutables among us. Saturn entering Sag aspects them right away. They probably already feel it. This means YOU, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces, and, of course, Sagittarius. Saturn is going to be ON YOU — by conjunction, opposition, or square. You get the first lessons. You will be teaching us.

Something else I’ve been talking about — transits as SPIRIT POSSESSION.

Or if you want a nicer image, the transits are your guests. Are you going to offer them a chair at your table? Feed them what they like to eat? Or are you going to be rude and ignore them? North Node is in Libra so of course I do not recommend ignoring!

We’ve been through so much. We’ve been through so much together. My clients have watched me grow up in public too. All my blog posts here feel like… catching up. Looking back. Catching up. Looking back. Looking forward. Another year. Two faces, like Janus – one to the past, one for the future.

Let me draw a card for you — for all the changes.

I laugh to myself when I see it: Four of Swords 🙂 You don’t have to do a thing. And, what’s more, it would be good for you to lie flat and rest. You’ll be called soon enough. And the next round of Interesting Life will demand of you. So for the time being…  BE.

And yes I pulled another because I can’t help it — Page of Cups! I’m seeing this as a resurrection card. You may be Knight, Queen, or King, but these transits are asking PAGE of you. Are you willing to start over?

I remember talking about this Page in the Court Class that is finishing now and how Rachel Pollack said this card has LONG been associated with meditation and contemplation so I consider this quite a compatible pair, reinforcing.

See, we don’t know how to do this yet. Last time Saturn was in Sag, we were YOUNG (or in another incarnation). Now we’re… less young but being asked to soften and open.

It’s okay to feel afraid.
It’s okay to feel young.
It’s okay to experiment and figure out how it all fits together.

And maybe a love letter is on the way.

I get it.



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