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So I wanted to write about love in the natal chart. And I don’t mean finding love but about the capacity TO love. They say the 5th House is the love you give and the 11th House is the love you receive. What if one is empty and one is full? What if both are empty? Are you loveless then? I don’t think so but I want to explore this topic a little.

Perhaps the capacity or ability to love is brought out by synastry. Example: a man who has failed relationship after failed relationship and then meets someone and the charts together are off the charts! He’s older too, wiser, but it’s not just that. The other person tweaks him in just the right ways, and vice versa.

Fire signs are great at showing enthusiasm, and that’s a beginning. Water signs are great at the feeling-stuff. Air signs: what are they good at? Just kidding. They are good at thinking it through and every relationship needs that! And earth? Well, a little bit of earth may be the most important element because with earth? We grow! (Yeah yeah  yeah I know we need the seed too and the sun and blah blah blah I know but bear with me. Call this Speculative Astrology 😉

But in a natal chart? Sure, the capacity to love could be represented by a good Venus, a good Moon, a good Sun. I have a friend with his Sun in an outer-planet Grand Cross. He’s got his um issues but he loves like a motherfucker (and I mean that in a good way). The only aspect to his Venus is a sextile to Mercury so he can sweet talk, sure, but there’s a real depth to the love and maybe the Grand Cross has something to do with it because… he knows what he has to lose, he knows what he’s up against, he knows what it’s like to be alone, he knows what it’s like when love rots.

And maybe it’s none of the above. I never looked at his chart closely with this question in mind. But he’s also a fire Sun and fire is bright light and burning. I look at our synastry: we have a Sun Venus trine and considering my natal Venus is challenged? Well, his Sun shines a warm light on it.

This is just one example. What do you think? Do you give love? Do you receive it? Can you identify the love stuff in your chart?

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