Love, Fun, and the Inconjunct

I’ve decided that the inconjunct should be called the inconJUNK. Because that’s how this aspect feels to me. Junky. This is the “needs adjustment” aspect. The two inconjuncted planets don’t make sense together. They can’t even see each other. I mean, an opposition? That’s across a crowded room. A square? Out of the corner of your eye. But an inconjunct? Huh?

I’m a Cancer Sun Mercury Mars with Capricorn on my 5th House cusp. My idea of fun (5th House) is serious. Like, taking a class, learning something, working. Virgo Rising 🙂 I don’t get high. My idea of fun is Saturnized, sober. You won’t find me at a music festival, roaming the fairground with a giant plastic cup of beer. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I’m not judging. It’s just not me. I also have Moon trine Saturn. So, a Sagittarian’s idea of fun for example… I can’t relate. I can’t see it. It feels junky, yucky, makes me hide in my shell. Adjustment is needed. This is a synastry example,

And what if an individual has a natal inconjunct? An example: the Sagittarian party guy with some personal planets in Cancer. How does that rollicking Sadge not get horrified by his own Cancerian deep sensitivity and ability to feel vulnerable or hurt. See? That’s exactly IT. That’s WHY the rollicking Sadge HAS to have his fun. BECAUSE of the raging sensitivity.

Yes, I tend to psychoanalyze. But it doesn’t mean I’m wrong 🙂 I’m forever trying to understand how these things work. Even when I fail to adjust to the other. Virgo Moon doesn’t like to fail, but fail she must. She is, shockingly, human.

Don’t think for a moment though, that inconjuncts between people prohibit happiness. Adjust, adjust, adjust. And when you get tired of adjusting? Adjust some more. And some more. And some more.

Saturn is still in Libra, and I don’t think you want to be alone. Saturn will go direct in Libra soon, and life will speed up, I promise you that. And your relationship? Are you in one? Do you want one? How’s it going? Saturn demands you not waste time. Now is the time. Saturn IS time, timing. So. Saturn direct means GO.

Note to self: dinner is served

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