Love, Death, And My 8th House

"8th House"
Six of Swords

When I was taking my astrology class, the teacher tended to do mini-readings for us so we could learn how to do it ourselves, for ourselves, and for others (well, that’s what it was for me).

And there was often a theme for me… about needing fewer animals and more people in my life. Needing to balance my imbalance (as he saw it). I would get offended, of course, because my work with animals saved me in every way. How could it be wrong? But my teacher wasn’t saying it was wrong. He was saying something else, something I couldn’t hear. Or I could hear it, but… didn’t know What To Do With That Information. Was he a Libra? Yes.

I’m about to lose another dog, not my dog but one that’s a part of my life. It may sound strange, but I pray that the losses come with gains, to help with the transition. (Ooooooooh I just thought of something right now. Ideal for me are the half-animal, half-human types. That’s the honey in the opposition right there, the balancing.)

And I think that the animals I’ve loved who die become part of my Mars in Cancer army. That’s how it feels. They surround me when I dream. Casey, the mutt from childhood, Jasper the cat who I visited near South Street Seaport, Tillie and June, bulldog and hound, especially June, the first dog I ever let love me back. And Squee, who’s probably passed on now. And soon the Yellow Dog. And there are others.

I always love hearing how the dogs wait for me by the door. I love hearing how the cats seem happy and content when their people return from trips. The dogs dance. Today one of the greyhounds jumped up to kiss me. Maybe he was worried because of Hurricane Irene.

My 8th House Ceres opposes my 2nd House Jupiter. Big Mama! Ceres is a Mother, an asteroid with a Cancerian flavor. And sometimes I feel like a midwife of death (I know I’ve mentioned this before) working with sick animals, dying animals. And part of my soul wants this, my 12th House does, it’s comfortable there. Chiron in my 8th (not conjunct Ceres) assures lessons learned that I can pass on.

But now… now I believe I am ready to balance the imbalance of animals vs people, ready now for my Love to be the one waiting by the door, waiting for me to come home, wagging his very human tail.

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