Love And The Inconjunct

"cancer sagittarius compatibility"The MoonPluto Land Discussion Group hasn’t officially started yet but we’ve been chit-chatting a little in there and the other day I was talking to someone about the inconjunct aspect.

And then this morning I was reading about relationships and how we are often attracted to signs that inconjunct our Sun sign (or even Moon or Rising). We find them perplexing, but in a good way. A problem we want to solve.

AND THEN (because this is how my mind works, going from one thing to the next) I began to reflect on what it’s like to be in a relationship with someone who has an inconjunct in their natal chart.

It is the aspect of the mixed message. Mixed messages that the person tells him/her self and mixed messages that that person telegraphs to others (who may want to date/love/marry them).

Let’s use, as an example, a person with a Cancer Sun and a Sagittarius Moon in their natal chart. And let’s say that person is in a relationship and the relationship is in trouble, for various reasons.

The Cancer Sun part of the person is going to CLING. That’s message number one. Don’t leave me!

The Sagittarius part of the person is going to RUN (or create emotional distance). That’s message number two. Gotta be free, gotta be me, babe!

So the poor partner  in this situation is feeling both these messages and has no freakin’ clue what to do. (And what that person will do depends on THEIR chart).

Now the person with the inconjunct in their chart may ALSO not know what to do, even though they’ve been living with this aspect all their life and it has been trouble making all their life. It takes a fair amount of effort and desire to come to consciousness.

I have also used the sleeve metaphor. Trying to fit two arms (Cancer and Sagittarius in this instance) in the same sleeve. Cancer hides in the shell whereas Sagittarius is always exploring. The “sleeve” is the soul, the person him/her self! Hard to reconcile. Adjustment must be made for the wanderer (Sag) and homebody (Cancer). It’s not about balancing. It’s about making room in a tight space.

Make sense?

And not that you asked, but my advice is this:

If someone is ambivalent about you? You can do better.

Love, MP