Love Advice for Virgos And Other Worriers

A Midsummer Night's Dream by Marc Chagall

The sign of Capricorn rules my 5th House. I am not the Life of the Party (according to Isabel Hickey).  I am Saturnian in Love.

So what happens when the Life of the Party falls in love with… Not the Life of the Party?

Dear Fellow Star Gazers, I have Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto, Virgo Rising, and Virgo South Node. Give me my corner, a diet Dr. Browns, and someone smart and nice to talk to, and I’m fine. I’m also exaggerating to make a point.

But to answer my own question: Respect the Differences. When Death of the Party meets Life of the Party and love ensues… each needs to do their own thing sometimes. And then compare notes later, of course.

Dear Sweet Caring Virgo: do not nag the Party Animal especially during the party. In this solid and sound love-ship, you know the Animal comes home to you. Fear Not The Party.

Some severe Virgo types tend to condemn others, especially those who have fun well. I think this is simple jealousy, which isn’t so simple. These Virgos long for a life they have no clue how to approach.

O Virgo Moon, if only you could stop thinking for the night. Yes, a beer could help, but briefly. Is it worth it? Probably. 

Virgos need to yes more, to love more, to give more. And I don’t mean they need to give more advice or their two cents or what they think is best. Try praise instead of fix-its. Encouragement instead of details. Leave it open.

But I’m a Virgo! says Virgo. That’s what I DO! Okay okay okay, I know. But still. Can’t we meet in the middle? Pisces opposes you but has something to teach you. Learn it. Swim! Just a little? Please? Dear Virgo? You know I love you 🙂

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