Love Advice For The Full Moon In Aquarius

"full moon in aquarius"Last night I was blogging about a feeling that I haven’t felt in a long time. Couldn’t remember the last time. It was about sex but not really.

And how when that feeling isn’t there, between me and my romantic potential, it feels like something is missing. It’s like… a car with no gas. A mundane example but accurate I think 😉

Here’s your first astrological tie-in: Mercury rules transportation, including cars, and Mercury retrograde is an introspective time.

We may not find all the answers, we may not move forward yet, we may have lost the map, we may have lost the road, but we’re considering getting in the car.

The upcoming Full Moon in Aquarius opposes not only the Sun, but Mercury retrograde in Leo. Big emotions.

Big emotions that you may feel kind of… distant from or rational about and these Full Moon emotions are having a spat with your thinking which isn’t so clear.

And the thinking is about YOU. What YOU want to do. Where to go. How to proceed. Is this the right time? When will the right time be? Will heaven bless you? Who is the angel at your table?

All this to say: I wouldn’t make many big decisions around Full Moon time. There will be a sextile to Uranus but Uranus is also retrograde. Insight will come, whether you seek it or not. Keep your eyes open. But make no promises despite the sweet aspects.

And if you are running down your mental or written list of what you need to get involved again. If it’s been a while. If you are wondering if you are too old. If you are wondering if you’re too damaged. If you are wondering whether you could ever love again or ever love anyone else after so and so. If you are wondering whether you can ever feel the way you want to feel. If you seek inspiration and it’s hard to find.

Well, I do believe it is possible.

I feel my age. I truly feel my age. Even though I have older-than-me Facebook friends who tell me I’m in my prime (whatever the fuck THAT means), I feel my age, I feel the years, I feel my health needs more care, I see the physical changes.

No love that I would ever seek would be based on the physical even though physical expression of it is necessary. The only way around feeling insecure is by… knowing what matters and by getting in touch with… how to put it… well, that feeling that I felt last night is one example. I know that that passion is necessary. That I need to feel inspired.

I’m going to draw three cards: one card for the situation YOU are in now. And one card for what is blocking you. And then a third card for how you can move forward 🙂

Whoa. Situation you are in now: Death. You are changing and this change process cannot be stopped. It’s a slow moving horse, yes. Gentle at times. Brutal at times. You may break hearts in the process but keep going. You have no choice actually. Keep going. And don’t forget to feed your horse as you go. Love the change you see in you. Sun is in Leo. Mercury is in Leo. Build an altar to your passion.

What is blocking you: Judgement. Yes, you do have heavenly help. You will have heavenly help. But there’s something, well, hysterical 😉 in the way you try to pull it down. And you may be missing something that’s right before your eyes. Just because you are changing it doesn’t mean that everything and everyone must go. Open your eyes and look around because there is some REALITY that you are avoiding. Could be about you. Could be about them. The path you are on is lighted and fated. Open your eyes, Miss Neptune!

Advice: The High Priestess. Accept. Receive. Notice. Love is ALREADY all over you like stripes on a tiger. Force nothing. Force no one. Get quiet. Time is not your enemy here. All will unfold as needed. Prepare inwardly if you want but put your hands down. Stop trying to rearrange the furniture of your life please. There are times to sit and be. This is one of them.

What do you need to love again? 

Love, MP

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