Lou Reed Has A Virgo Moon

"the velvet underground"
Lou Reed has a Virgo Moon

I think I will always love the Velvet Underground more than any other band. Although I will say that about other bands, depending on my mood 🙂

But when I hear VU, I remember surviving THE BUS. Meaning, the bus ride home, in high school. We had Walkmans then. Cassette tapes.

I found the Velvet Underground by reading Creem Magazine in the early 80s. Reading record reviews of Lou Reed solo albums. See, one thing led to another in that world. You read a review and the review would mention other bands, musicians, influences. Wish I could remember how I found Creem Magazine. Not sure. Maybe I saw it in a magazine store and just picked it up, music freak that I was.

So hearing Pale Blue Eyes on my Pandora station made me want to look up Lou Reed‘s natal chart. Would you have guessed a Pisces Sun and a Virgo Moon? Pisces for the drugs, sure. The Venus Pluto opposition also makes sense. The Velvets created pretty dark music. Dark pretty music, I should say. That Pisces Sun lives in his 12th House:  he wrote and sang often about the lost among us.

Here come the questions: Are you lost? What, or who, can find you? The years pass and the years pass and the years pass and the music stays the same, right? Little three minute time capsules and I’m back on the bus, lonely, headphoned, but I have my music. I’m very American in that way. Rock and roll saves lives. Some lives, some of the time.

And you? Who saved you? 

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