Looking Forward To Scorpio Season? October 22nd

"saturn in scorpio"As the Sun reaches the higher degrees of Libra and prepares itself to descend into the depth of Scorpio, it behooves us all to once again review the lessons of Saturn in Libra and the current Libra season:

What was lost, what was gained, what you want, where you are, what needs to be finished, are you on the right path. And so on.


I’m not saying it’s the calm before the storm, but I am saying: take a moment from your busy day, take a moment from your entanglements with others to think about yourself.

Scorpio Season will be all about the entanglements 😉

This sign is picky about its involvements and intensely devoted to whom it chooses. We will have days when the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn, and the transiting Node will be in this sign which is associated with reproduction and immortality. No escape 🙂 Want to be born again? Here’s your chance.

Late this month is a Full Moon in Taurus and before you know it, it’ll be Mercury retrograde. And then the November eclipses.

Let’s pull one card for Scorpio Season 🙂

Looks like you’ve got your work cut out for you but in a good way. Page of Pentacles. Get started now. There is much to be done. And then each night of Scorpio Season, submit your offerings to the heavens. And how you do that is up to you. Think of this Page as a mini-Magician.



Info about Readings is here and Yes! I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the Full Moon in Taurus!

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