Look Up! Mars Square Jupiter!

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van Gogh had Mars square Jupiter!

First, a PSA from the Astrology Readings Dept at MoonPluto Astrology

As time permits, I am hoping to do a bunch of  Full Moon Mini-Readings for the upcoming Aries FM. Same as before: email only, 15 minutes, $25 through PayPal. Send me an email if interested and I’ll tell you how it works and about scheduling. The readings will focus on the Aries FM in your natal chart! Full Moons often bring news, revelations. Are you ready????

And on the menu tomorrow we have… Mars square Jupiter! Anyone out there got this in their natal? I do!

Sometimes it’s hard for us to see our own aspects clearly, and sometimes we know these aspects best of all. It can go either way.

Here’s one example: Mars square Jupiter (in Cancer/Libra) means… I like sex (Mars) a lot (Jupiter). The square is tension within, and my Mars is in Cancer so… needing  that emotional bond (Cancer) prevents me from a lot (Jupiter) of sex (Mars) or if I have it under the *wrong* (squaring) circumstances, I’m in tears (Cancer).

Mars square Jupiter can be, simply, TOO MUCH or over-indulgence, and too much of WHAT depends on the signs, the houses, and whatever else is aspectng the Mars and the Jupiter.

Jupiter is luck, is  good, is the Greater Benefic. It rules Sagittarius and Sagittarius wants to be FREE, wants to roam. And Mars wants to conquer, sexually or otherwise, so a Mars square Jupiter is that big and wild conquering impulse… gone wrong. Not thaaaaat wrong because it is still Jupiter but… if you can pull in Saturn (by good aspect or by imagination) to your Mars Jupiter square, that will help. Saturn is prudent and polices any too-much-ness.

What’s your Mars Jupiter situation? 

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