Lonesome Weekend Forecast

"jupiter sextile uranus"

I mean the title of this post to be humorous and stark, like a good poem, or country song, and I am going to draw a few cards and look at the planets for you for the weekend.

Not for you and your lover or your spouse or the one that got away or the one you are pining for, but for YOU in all your lonesome glory and habitat, which may not be lonesome at all.

Consider these instructions for living:

Time for you to begin considering the upcoming Full Moon even though it isn’t until after next week. Tuck it away in your mind. 10 degrees Aquarius.

Saturday, Big City time, the Moon is void of course now but will enter Virgo early this afternoon: details, details, details.

Clean up your mess. Love your mess too. But clean it up. Arrange it. Don’t fall into low vibrational Virgo patterns such as self-criticism and worry.

Enact Virgo’s opposite which is Pisces and Pisces forgets. Try it. Forget to doubt yourself.

Moon (feelings) opposes Neptune (imagination) this evening so here’s my double-Pisces-feeling caution: don’t drink under this aspect. You don’t need to. It will make you feel more lost than inspired and there will be plenty of inspiration if you let it in.

Sunday: Moon is in Virgo all day and then has a long void of course period, until Monday evening when she enters Libra.

Continue to float as best or as much as you can. Resist pinning things down: people, plans, dreams. Keep dreaming yes but don’t try to mold or shape them. Flow, glide, easy easy easy.

Also tomorrow: Jupiter sextiles Uranus.  Another imaginative, inventive aspect but with a splash of good luck thrown in. The Sun also enters Leo so pinpoint the Leo houses in your chart because your life will be lit up there bright bright bright.

Now for the cards and what to do with the

1. focused Moon in Virgo energy which then transitions to a long void of course Moon

2. change from homey Cancer to fun Leo and

3. Jupiter sextile Uranus 

To me, so far, it sounds like luck while you’re sleeping (or taking a day off) after a day of sorting your papers.

Also feels like very receptive energy i.e. insights are on the way and you don’t need to search. They’ll just show up like the man you’ve been waiting for (oops! This was supposed to be a lonesome forecast ;))

Very intense cards. Let me summarize for you: you are leaving your protective shell as the Sun leaves Cancer. And how you feel now isn’t how you’ll be feeling during Leo Season or even by Monday. You’ll be feeling better overall.

Whatever despair or confusion (and I see both of these in the cards) you feel this weekend, don’t get attached to it.

I’m reminded of Jupiter and Saturn conjunct, and I was working with someone the other day who has this in their natal.

Some astrologers believe these two cancel each other out and that Saturn wins but I think it’s a matter of perspective (Jupiter) and that the harder you work (Saturn), the greater the reward (Jupiter) but yeah it feels less like a gift. Thing is this though: I often see this combination in charts which are really packed with trines and other good stuff.

I know you feel restricted. I know you feel disappointed. I know you feel afraid. And honestly I’m not feeling blind faith this morning either BUT we got the 10 of Cups here as our final card. It’s your rainbow too so look up.


Love, MP

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