Little Poem For Tuesday

I’m in a mood.

A Jupiter (almost) direct, Mars (almost) in Pisces mood 🙂

And I found myself this evening sticking the old thumb drive into the newish Mac to take a look at the old poems I have saved.

I lost a lot during my Saturn transit. Not my Saturn Return. I’m talking about Saturn in Virgo on my Moon Pluto conjunction with transiting Uranus opposing. But that’s another story 🙂

This is the story of looking through my old poems, not because I’m going to submit an old poem to my friend who’s editing that on-line journal, but just because I wanted to… see what’s there. That’s what we do in the Meditation class too: see what is there.

And I thought hmm maybe I’ll bring these poems here. I always used to think that my poems needed to be read out loud, so if you are reading this poem… try it.


Plum Wine

Q: What is suffering?

A: The moonlight, always the moonlight.

Q: You’re thinking of Eiji again, shadows on his throat.

A: Yes, there was a sound the car made

like moonlight on his skin,

his head at my breast, body bent halfway,

and when I let him get there…

there was no suffering at that hour, anywhere.


“I am weak, “ he said. “I am old and weak,”

(one empty child’s car seat in the back seat.)

He came twice, had me watch his face.

And he was not suffering then, and I was not,

that night in the car, the Coralville Reservoir

in the smell of his body.


And there was nothing like plum wine there, pouring

from his mouth or mine,

his breath or mine (his mouth)

his thick dark hair yes

in his thick black hair—


🙂 I think I was… how old? Twenty-something 🙂 And in love with my Japanese lover.

I picked him up, you know. I mean I had spied him each day at the coffee shop and decided one afternoon I would ask him about this particular haiku I loved about Kyoto that had been translated from Japanese to English and I (convoluted isn’t it?) asked him to translate it back to Japanese. Or something like that. And we became friends and then a bit more.

I wish I could tell you about his chart. I knew nothing about his chart. And he is one of the few who hasn’t tracked me down on Facebook 😉

Pisces is art. Pisces is poetry. Mars is the drive to do it 🙂

Jupiter goes direct tomorrow in the middle of the night for Pacific peeps and at… 6:37 a.m. in the Big City. Let the games resume 🙂

By the way, if you want to keep up with my Little Poem posts, I’ve created a new category (Poetry) for them on the blog.

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