Like Horses: For Moon Pluto People And Anyone Else With Feels

I am not a horse woman so this metaphor can only go so far with me.

The image I often have in my head is of Marilyn in the Misfits and the destruction of the wild horses and her emotional protest at the movie’s climax. That can be EVERY DAY at least once a day for a Moon Pluto person.

Saturn is in Scorpio. Corral your feelings. We do have to function. Saturn demands it. The key is knowing when to flow and when to limit. Timing matters. Skills matter. Saturn is the opposite of spontaneous emotional flow (the Moon) and Saturn is in Scorpio.

Scorpio feels deeply but in my experience will keep it under wraps, and Saturn is discipline and work so this transit tells me your emotional intensity has… not less support per se but… Saturn in Scorpio needs you to get a grip. Saturn in Scorpio SUPPORTS YOUR GETTING A GRIP.

To grip: to take hold of.

Do your emotions get the best of you? (Aw hell, I have another class idea already!) 🙂

Love, MP


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