Like Fire: Looking Ahead To The Full Moon In Leo

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I had an amazing conversation today.

With my therapist 🙂

And at the end of the session, I wanted to draw a Tarot card for her.

I don’t know why. Never done that before. Never occurred to me.

I did once ask to see her chart, if she didn’t mind. Not to do a reading, but I was curious!. But today — towards the end of a session — I drew. I don’t even think I waited for her to answer yes or no. I just shuffled a bit and drew and I got the FOUR OF WANDS. 

And I told her a bit about the FOUR OF WANDS in terms of guidance for her and then she interrupted me — EXACTLY. I was talking about the joyous celebratory nature of this card, with family (and/or friends) and I was at first reading it as ADVICE for her i.e. seek this out, this weekend i.e. it can be YOURS this weekend. And then she told me: she was going to a funeral!

But not just “any” funeral 😉 the funeral of a VERY well loved man, an old friend, one who had had a “good death” — as good as it can get. The cards are always right. This funeral was going to be… full of love and warmth and remembering and… yes, my friends, a JOYOUS CELEBRATION. Of a life.

And then I told her a bit about the Tarot Fours.
And then I told her a bit about the Wands suit and FIRE.

And she, a Sagittarius, told me something amazing — which I wanted to share with you:

Wands = fire and I was feeling/seeing in my mind’s eye the FIRE i.e. she lives in a cold climate and perhaps there would be a roaring fire going at this wake/funeral or perhaps she would choose to do a candle ritual herself and warm herself by the light. And she told me about the SACRED QUALITY fire has for her.

The sacred quality of allowing FIRE TO BURN ME (her words).

The idea of being SPENT. The idea of USING UP RESOURCES. And that this is a good thing! Allowing self to be spent. Allowing self to SPEND THEM. The using up of resources, of spending resources, being LIKE FIRE. Letting (her) resources be used. Letting go of the grasp of it. GIVING OVER. The opposite of withholding. Offering, giving.

Perhaps it’s a bit early for a FULL MOON IN LEO post. Yesterday was the New Moon in Aquarius but the fire talk this morning INSPIRED me.

I’ll go more into detail as the days pass, but keep in mind that the Full Moon is on Valentine’s Day. The Full Moon will be sextile Mars in Libra (your relationships) and the SUN will be trine Mars in Libra! A very good day for the lovebirds and all the lovely lovers out there who long to burn baby burn, toss, turn, and yearn and LEARN!

And love 🙂

Love, MP

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