Like Father, Like Daughter: Adventures Of A Mars In Cancer (part 2)

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(Read Part 1 here)

Some habits, some patterns, seem impossible to change, fix, defeat.

This is about my Mars (desire) in Cancer (security, food) square Jupiter (excess, optimism).

It’s not that I binge eat although if you give me a decent-sized portion of food, I will likely finish it. It’s that I enjoy my food. And I enjoy a variety of food. And I LOVE restaurants, going out to eat.

And I don’t cook.

Sun, Mercury, Mars in Cancer and I can cook quinoa and put some Fage yogurt on it and call it lunch (or breakfast) and I love it but is that cooking? Boiling water for grains? Pouring half and half in my tea?

So if Mars is the passion for something and the square is tension, an ache, and Jupiter is the PLENTY and that Jupiter is in my 2nd House… I spend (Mars) my money (Jupiter) on food (Cancer) a lot (Jupiter). Too much (Jupiter). I type fast too. My Mercury squares Jupiter.

And I want to work on this and yet… how? I love it. I live in New York. And not that I go to $$$ places but as much as I’m a Cancerian homebody, when I’m out and about? I’m hunting food. Eggs over-easy and rye toast and the best coffee in Chelsea. Nourishment, pleasure, comfort, simplicity, satiation, memories.

I’m planning to buy a new laptop soon so I can be more  mobile when I blog and of course that will place me in cafes and diners and… does this train have any other stop? Does this train stop at all? 

I’ve read that Jupiter in the 2nd House wants so much money that they don’t need to watch the comings and goings of it. Well, I’ve got half of that right 😉 And my goal is to even it up. Buy the world their eggs over-easy and rye toast.

Life feels bleak at times. Jupiter is in Taurus: take pleasure where you find it. In a coffee cup. In the smile of the waitress. Her red hair lights the wall (to paraphrase late American poet Richard  Hugo).

I’m just like my father, I think to myself. Isn’t this the way he was? Restaurants and food, coffee, steak and eggs, pats of butter. He was a Taurus.

It’s got me thinking… What do you need or want to give up? Or adjust?

How easy will it be? And do you need to do it?

Love, MP

PS Pictured is Lena Olin (Aries Sun, Pisces Moon) from the movie Enemies, A Love Story. What do you think she needs to give up? Watch the movie and find out!


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