Like A Virgin: New Moon In Virgo

"full moon in aries"Sometimes when you’re in a MOOD, you have to figure out what TO DO with the mood.

And sometimes I get people telling me that I don’t have to do anything, but fuck them. I do what I want 😉

The decision becomes….

1. go with the mood, wherever it wants to go, or

2. fight it fight it fight fight it fight it

And sometimes you do both. In the same afternoon.

We have a New Moon in Virgo on Saturday 15th, 23 degrees.

Something new in your Virgo house. What do you want to show up there?

Something new in your emotional life. How do you prefer to feel about it vs how you actually feel? Take it apart. Virgo can do that.

Something new in your service, your compassion, your self-improvement, your healing, your Vesta 😉 your intention, your clarity, your honor, your integrity. Like a virgin or a virgin FOR REAL.

Major aspects: the New Moon will conjunct the Sun in Virgo, of course, as well as Mercury. She’s a smart moon, a discerning moon, a critical moon, detail-oriented moon, fastidious, usually on time, organized if not always neat. She cares.

Before she hits her “new moon degree,” she will sextile Mars in Scorpio and square Jupiter in Gemini. Busy moon. busy day.

Virgo Moon processes her feelings before she feels them. She can seem a bit robotic to others, to herself, with her mood-meat-grinder, but underneath the surface she loves you yeah yeah yeah.

This New Moon in Virgo is bookended by two important moments. Earlier in the week, Venus will trine Uranus. The week after, Pluto goes direct.

The Uranus Pluto square is your life these days. Don’t forget.

Uranus will get an inspirational boost from the Venus trine and Pluto going direct drops you right back IN IT, back to the creamy prickly center of that square.

Love, MP

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