Lighthouse: Dark Tarot For The New Moon In Sagittarius

"new moon in sagittarius"I was finishing an email reading for a client and decided to pull three cards: Wisdom, Hope, and Inspiration.

The wisdom of the situation, the hope in the situation, the inspiration she would find from the situation, and keeping New Moon intentions in mind.

Here’s my reading for you, dear reader, for what you may face in the coming weeks…


Oh my the three little bears cards saying hello to us are SO dark and SO stark that it’s funny. Two of Swords. Nine of Swords. Five of Cups.

Here we go 🙂

Not snubbing your despair or evacuating your despair but wisdom, hope, and inspiration within it. Not pushing it away. Pry it open. Saturn in Scorpio investigates the knife edge, your limit, the juncture where you assume you can go no deeper. Go deeper.

Two of Swords: there is wisdom in uncertainty. Admitting that you aren’t sure. Balance when you sit still. Self-protection as perfection. Next?

Nine of Swords: hope in anxiety. Anxiety means YOU ARE ALIVE. That’s your heartbeat and your breath going TOO DAMN FAST. Anxiety is energy. Your soul body wants to be alive. You just want to feel less crazy while it’s happening 😉 See the progression so far? From immobility to fear (feeling the feelings) and that fear wants to move.

And inspiration? Inspiration from Five of Cups sorrow and regret? How?  By opening your eyes. The guy in Rider Waite is looking at those spilled cups, hiding from those spilled cups, looking, hiding, looking hiding. It’s a mirror, his reflection in the spill. Be inspired by what you’ve lost. Then be inspired by what lives. YOU. And then listen to the Commodores 😉 (sorry, my iTunes play list intervened.)


Love, MP


Here’s a link to my Astrology and Tarot Readings page and yes I am doing Mini-Moon Readings for the New Moon in Sagittarius