Life Of An Empath & Lessons In Magick (Part One of Many)

"mars trine jupiter" We scatter pieces of ourselves everywhere we go – we lose pieces of ourselves – when we care. Not always, but the risk is there. And I think the more Pluto, the more Neptune you have in your chart, the more risk you’re at for losing. Caring IS dangerous. Loving IS dangerous. No wonder some humans avoid it. Because we lose pieces of ourselves. (Okay maybe you don’t but I do.)

I recently did this and I recently reclaimed it. And I’m working on a ritual now for someone to help reclaim a stolen piece of her heart. 

Just posted this on my Facebook:

Magick works. Spells work.
But what matters most is your intention, singleness of purpose/intent/emotional force, WILL – that you then apply to your desire.
More than color of candle etc etc etc BUT colors DO carry vibration. It ALL matters. It all matters.
But you can be assured of success by marrying the two – the item/object/tool/ritual helps your focus, increases focus.
Like meditation, magick is something you DO. Not just think about. Just musing or thinking will give you a muted result. Unmindful thinking it or saying it isn’t doing it. Oh I’m a magician, I’m a witch, because of my book collection or my herb collection. You may very well be, but I encourage people to DO.
We don’t “think about” meditation. We DO meditation. We sit.
When I wanted to dispel my grief, I didn’t just talk about my broken heart (well I did that too which also was helpful!) but I created something to DO and then I activated my laser beam focus/emotional force/will.
So many of us have concentrated strength like this – but we tend to waste it (out of habit) on enlarging and activating our WORRIES.
Imagine if you turned that light on towards making a positive difference in your life…
I think my grief desperately wanted to be set free, like a bird trapped in my house because the ritual took the top part off and then my meditation class the next day did the rest.
Magick follows the path of least resistance. Give it a little nudge. You’ll see.
And yes folks I am dead serious about this. It’s not a game. It’s not marketing. It’s not old fashioned olden days. It’s not posing. It’s here and now and it’s real.

"jupiter trine pluto"Astrologically speaking, I like to alert you to good days or weeks for magickal workings. We are under a Scorpio Moon now so check that box yes and Mars trine Pluto (exact tomorrow) which is actually Mars on Jupiter trine Pluto. Another check. And the Venus Neptune opposition yes yes. Neptune and Pluto sextile.

But do be careful. Be careful what you wish for. Because it does work. The universe WILL respond to your well crafted laser beam intention.

AND then I had a revelation as I walked to the Mexican bakery for my coffee and a cookie:

More than HALF at least of that emotional intensity that I was feeling for the one whom I was sad over —
Those were HIS feelings. His feelings too. I remember it clear as day now. The last time I saw him. How it felt. Except he kept his INSIDE, bottled up tight, and I am an empath and I am an antenna and I am a cook and I picked it up, I picked it up, I picked up on all his feelings and took them as my OWN the way I take other PROBLEMS as my own (same mechanism), I mixed them in, stirring stirring, NO BOUNDARIES, everything all mixed in now. And there became no difference then between him and me – except that I carried him, carried his feelings all the way back to my house when I said goodbye to him at the train station.

"moon conjunct mars"The last time I saw him. That’s why it took such root in me and at such an “extreme” intense level — the way he was stuffing it (Moon in Libra square Venus Mars in Cancer)

So I did my ritual to dispel MY grief (believing it was all my grief) andI think this is partly why it left so quickly like a sparrow. IT mostly WASN’T MINE.

My body allows for the repressed emotions of others to take root in me (in love situations). That’s why it was so intense. And that’s why it was so easy for them to leave. (For the people AND the feelings to leave!) 

The Venus Neptune opposition can help bring this to consciousness for you — if you have a similar situation. And the Mars Jupiter Pluto trine can help you decide what to do about it – Virgo planets are smart, analytical, discerning (Virgo keyword alert!) and Pluto, well, Pluto knows all.

I’m not the problem! Well, we ALL have issues but I’m not the problem in the way I always perceived. This is an important distinction. The hazard tag is here. It’s all written down. It’s all clear. I can’t be with someone who consciously or unconsciously is so out of touch with their own feelings (of course unless they are willing to “work on it” – then maybe there is a chance) and thus seeks a ready spot (an invisible spot i.e. this mechanism like carbon monoxide is odorless, colorless, tasteless until it’s too late)  — to have someone else DO all the feeling for them (which of course creates a pattern from my family of origin and is thus extremely triggering, creating an intense emotional state and I have no clue what is happening until I figure it out and by then it’s usually too late and I’m in tears wondering why the relationship didn’t work out). I’m a Cancer with a first house Moon Pluto conjunction. I’m going to FEEL. Being with someone whose goal is to NOT feel is never going to work for me, ever.

"venus opposition pluto"So the question then becomes: what are the red flags and warning signs….


PS Sometimes a spell will do double duty – or have unintended side effects. It’s just how it works. We are foolish to believe we can control it all. Or that whatever angels or watchers we’ve summoned (if we truly have) do not have an agenda. THEY DO have an agenda. So I did my grief dispelling spell (which I will not detail here) and one of my cats (who has not been well) seems quite a bit better. Situation not cured but more energy. She’s talking more this morning like she used to (she was always  a chatty cat). Was someone else’s grief possessing her as well? Perhaps? And my ritual caught it. And her appetite is coming back. (I am still in touch with the vet of course but the observables here are undeniable.)

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