Life Gets Better June 13th 2013

What has been your greatest test so far?

Health? Finding love? Finding self-worth? Starting a family? Making a living? All of the above? None? Simply staying alive?

You tell me.

This question occurred to me as I was posting my previous post on Facebook.

I try to think of some descriptive tag line to go along with the post for the status update and for me (to answer my own question) it feels like… always a new test and very much outer-planet-transit related.

And that some problems DO get solved. Life gets better. I think it tends to get better in different, more satisfying ways the more aware you are of… how you get in your own way.

Self-awareness, meditation, therapy, spiritual practices, mindfulness vs… denial. But that’s me. Those are my strategies although I haven’t been in steady talk-therapy for a while. I tend to provide that support these days.

And you can define “life gets better” however you want.

Here’s my question for you:

which planetary energy has caused you the most… pain? grief? growth? learning? Talking about recent years. How about the last 5 years. Where have you made steady gains or… fallen back or… however you want to describe it.

An aside: I love Cancer Season and the Sun, Mercury, Mars, and Venus in my social 11th House but part of me is really looking forward to Leo Season and the spiritual stakes I’ll plant in the dirt when those same planets visit my 12th.

I was just telling someone the other day (who has Saturn transiting her 12th) now is the time to create structure for your spiritual practices. In fact, the more in the dark you feel, the more you feel the void, answer that darkness with order.

It’s like writing a good poem. Write away from chaos and towards form. Not to suffocate emotion but to give it an EDGE, a border.


Love, MP

P.S. I keep thinking about what class to do next (which I’ve been saying for a few months now). I’ve got a love/Venus class on my mind, how the more we know about our Venus, the better choices we’ll make love-wise. And then there is the Poetry Workshop that never happened. Your thoughts? Saturn goes direct July 8th and in my 3rd House. I’m ready to write/think/teach more 🙂


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