Life Begins at Forty?

Has this been true for you? I’m less than two months away from turning 41 and I still don’t identify with 40. Or with thirtysomethings.

What did turning 40 or 41 or 42 (or more) bring you? Can you pinpoint any interesting transits?

For the under 40s, what ages/transits were turning points for you?

Are you only as old as you feel?

I remember well my Pluto square Pluto because I started studying astrology then. Near the end of that transit, Saturn was in my 12th, Jupiter was in my 4th, and… the life I had then? It’s long gone, but it really wasn’t that long ago. And some things are still the same.

Now, here’s a project: pick a year of your life, say, five or six years ago, and make a list of what was important to you then, or what you did on a daily basis, or how you felt most of the time and compare it to… where you are now. If only we all made movies of our lives, like, in our brains. But I guess that’s what memory is.

Note to self: your time here is limited

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