Libra Your Time Is Coming

"moon pluto"
Anita Ekberg: Sun in Libra!

Venus will enter Libra later this month and then the Sun will follow. Isn’t that cool? That Venus, Libra’s ruler, will be the first to poke her head in?

Libra Season is on the way.

Some thoughts on balance and balancing:  anyone who has ever contacted me for a reading knows that I juggle another job and sometimes can’t do the reading as soon as we’d like. I hope the wait is worth it though 🙂

How do you find balance?

I want the balance in my work life to shift: more astrology/more writing, and less of the other. And I am setting that intention right now, today, in between the New Moon in Virgo and the Full Moon in Pisces and thinking about how we’re all leaving Virgo, the sign of the clean house, and entering Libra, the sign of the full house, meaning… we all, collectively, move from being maidens/virgins to being married. We need each other.

At the moment I’m battling a cold-flu thingie. I think it had been hanging around me for at least a week and then yesterday, after all day in the rain, it really sunk in. I felt pretty bad by meditation class and miserable by the time I got home.

Balance. Isn’t it imbalance that makes us sick? Can’t always be avoided though, we’re human, not angels.

In honor of Libra, I want to encourage you to think about balance. Do you have it? Do you need it? Where is it lacking? How will you find it? 

Imagine yourself on a balance beam, a metaphysical gymnast. Or maybe you’re a tightrope walker. Remember in Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra? The parable of the tightrope walker? I know you do 😉 Or think of Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire. How do you… walk across? How do you get from here to there? Can you, do you, see your future before you?

Friends, fellow stargazers, let’s toast to the change, to the last days of Virgo and the first days of Libra, coming soon to a sky near you!

Some other random Libra keywords and issues: 7th House, partnership, air sign, ruler of the kidneys, marriage, fall season, Saturn is exalted in Libra, Cardinal, diplomacy, controlling, harmony, cooperation, iron fist in a velvet glove, beauty, charm, grace, art, music, indecisive people-pleasing hostess! And we can’t forget everybody’s favorite 7th House keyword: open enemies!

And, yes, please find the Libra House in your chart. I want you to know what areas of life will be lit up as Libra Sun and Venus traipse through. Dance through? Glide through? Saunter? Stroll? Tiptoe? However they move, it will be light, it will be beautiful, it will be Venus, it will be Libra 🙂

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