Libra Season: How To Have A Relationship Without Losing Yourself (Part One)

"new moon in libra"I don’t know if men have this problem. I’m not a man.
I can’t and won’t speak for them. Not today anyway 😉
But I can speak as ME. As a woman, THIS woman, in a relationship.

To be free of this terrible longing and yet to remain IN relationship.

Dare I say it again. Okay. I shall. The list.

Sun in Libra.
New Moon in Libra.
Mercury will enter Scorpio but then RX back into Libra.
North Node in Libra.

Or maybe YOU WANT to lose yourself, hmm?
Such folk exist. I do not judge.
My Libra Season journey
My New Moon in Libra INTENTION: to reflect and write on this.

I’ve taken an informal poll. Apparently I know plenty of women who have experienced same. Even the same… emotional condition. Even ones who do NOT have Venus in the 12th House. Or Venus square Neptune. Or Neptune ruling their 7th. Or Neptune IN their 7th by transit.

Quoting someone here because she put it so well:  Please see me, please love me, please don’t make me feel needy.

Sometimes I listen to music to indulge this feeling. Because sometimes it feels good. I enjoy it. The masochistic 12th House. And then other times, well, there are other times.

"venus inconjunct uranus"What is it and, if needed, how to make it stop. I want to dive deep into this topic, make myself sick with this topic, get to the root of the root of the root of this lovesick topic 🙂 Pluto, now direct, is transiting my 5th House. 

I do thus declare my LIBRA SEASON blogging obsession. It will be fun!


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