Libra Season And How Not To Be A Douche

"moon pluto conjunction"
A beautiful image. Neither were Libra though πŸ™‚

Pluto goes direct on Sunday (Read here) but first I want to talk about Libra (read here too)!

Venus enters Libra in a few days and the Sun enters Libra on the 23rd.

Are you a Libra? Know anyone who is? Are you are ready for them to shine?

They will likely want to shine with you, or with someone else πŸ˜‰ Libra is the Sign of Partnership!

In Virgo Season, we clean our houses, we care for our bodies, we worry about our houses, we worry about our bodies. In Virgo Season, we bicker: not that word, THIS word.

But when Libra Season arrives? Think diplomacy. Think fair. Think 7th House. Think THE OTHER. Consider THE OTHER. And don’t project your shit onto THE OTHER. The other is the other is the other i.e. Not You πŸ™‚

Libra is not about you and your virginity (Virgo) and your holy untouchable body (Virgo) and your need to be alone with your work and your mind and your fear. Virgo fears.

Do you have a person? Are you part of a WE? Do you consider the other? Do you consider the WE? What’s best for the WE?

When you have a true WE, you carry each other. No matter what. You always have that… little bit of room left to give, to carry, to love, to offer, to hold, to hold up, to consider, to strengthen, to love. Did I mention love? Venus is our love. Venus rules Libra.

If are you thinking only of yourself, still, then Libra Season will bring your attention to the one(s) you have been ignoring. (People may not talk about this much, since Virgo is so giving, but Virgo can be pretty self-absorbed.)

Find the Libra House in your chart. It’s in that house where togetherness, cooperation, love is what works best. DON’T BE ALONE in Libra Season. Don’t be alone in that house. Find your other half. Doesn’t matter what/who it is. Find it. Learn from it.

And if you read any astrology blog then you know that Saturn is in Libra. 16 degrees Libra now. Squaring my Sun (and Mercury and then my Mars). Any y’all with Cancer, Capricorn, Aries, Libra planets in the mid-degrees are REALLY feeling this now. The squeeze. The squeeze of hard work. Saturn is your work.

But as we wait for the sweet fall season to begin, as we wait for Libra Season to bewitch us with her beauty, inside and out, remember Saturn. And let the work begin. Serious work. Seriously.

If you don’t have a WE, a partner. If you want a partner. If you are unhappy with your partner. Then… this Libra Season is for YOU.

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