Libra Doesn’t Want You To Be Lonely

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don't be lonely

This is Libra Season. Don’t be alone. Other people can be your light. Libra is love, partnership, cooperation. You can Google all the metaphors; I just want to bring this message today. People in the comments inspired me as well as people writing me. I can feel their pain. They feel dark. Or maybe it’s my own pain. A combination of both. I just know that that is what saves. People. Support.

I have a Cancer stellium in the 11th House so I can absorb energy just by being in a room of kind souls but what I’m talking about here, the thing that’s needed is deeper than that. It’s almost a preview of Saturn in Scorpio. Not fearing intimacy, not fearing getting close, not fearing nakedness, not fearing opening. Saturn is fear. Scorpio is what we share.

So this is Libra Season and we have a Libra Stellium in the sky. You can’t do it alone now. It’s not the time for lone-wolf-ism. If you want to sit on the mountain and contemplate your despair, do it when the Sun reaches Scorpio. For now? Find your people. If you can’t find them? Make them up. Go to a diner. Are there diners in your town? Go to the gym. Yeah, the gym. You must find your community and then find the individual people in that community who will feed you and you will feed them no matter how broken you feel. Listen to me because I know. Libra trines Aquarius and Aquarius is friendship. Libra trines Gemini and Gemini is social. Use this trine energy whether or not you have planets in Gem or Aquarius. You are supported when you access the trine.

For my American readers, don’t you want to eat somewhere on Thanksgiving? Then present yourself to the world in fine Libra style. Take care in your appearance as only Venus knows how. Saturn in Libra works to look good. Leave the house. Smile. Talk to people. Libra is social. Libra doesn’t want you to be alone.

My point is this: use this Libran energy to end your loneliness, even if only for a day because tomorrow you have to get up all over again. This is life. The only solution to getting up is getting up.

How do I do it? How do I survive? I cling. Like a drowning blogger to a life raft. I cling to my people. If they don’t want me, then I move on. But the ones that do? I’m there for them as much as they are for me. With Saturn in Libra, take your relationships seriously. Take yourself seriously. And find your people.

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