Letting Go/Holding On: Full Moon In Scorpio With Venus In Gemini

"full moon in scorpio"

Well, I don’t know if I’m leaving anything behind. Full Moons bring results, news, endings.

I feel myself holding on and I feel like a broken record: leave behind self-blame, leave behind guilt. I feel like I’m in mourning and it will have to run its course. Won’t turn off the tap.

What is this mourning about? Not telling. 😉 Moon in Scorpio is private.

Seriously though, if you are dealing with any intense emotions during the build up to this Full Moon, my best advice is to leave the story and just feel the feelings and give them space.

If you work at a job with other people, carry lots of tissues. Blame it on allergies. Go to the bathroom a lot so you can cry or pull yourself together or punch the mirror (no, don’t do that).


Pluto rules hell. And that’s a fine place to be for the Full Moon in Scorpio 😉 just don’t remain there. You are a visitor. We’ve got too much Gemini action going on this spring/summer and Mercury, ruling Gemini, is the messenger who moves freely between this world and that one. Come back up. Resurface. Rise.


I am going to pull a “wisdom” card now for anyone dealing with Intense Emotions, Moon Pluto emotions or otherwise. A card for wisdom and a card for strength. Wish me luck 😉


Well, hell, check this out. Wisdom card: King of Cups.

Strength card: 6 of Wands.

Sit still (King of Cups) to feel your feelings and then get back on the horse (6 of Wands). All will be well. Even better.


Kiss your fingertips and then open your hands in front of your face, palms moving away from each other, opening them up to the sky.

Isabel Hickey‘s Pluto keywords: heaven, grace, integration, light, rebirth, submission…


If you have suffered a loss, due to your own behavior or someone else’s… my suggestion is this (pulling another Tarot card):

6 of Pentacles: give. Receive. Feels like the 8th House to me, Scorpio’s house. No suggestion for behavior here. Just… keep it in mind for now. We’ll return to these cards.


Pull a Tarot card for your Scorpio House and the upcoming Moon. What do you see?


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