Letter To My Readers

"saturn square sun"

Dear Fellow Stargazers: I apologize for the slow-down in writing this past week or so. I’ve been having my own little earthquake(s): Mercury still retrograde and bumpy before it turns direct. Saturn inching closer to my Sun, which also pulls in my Mercury. Mercury rules writing/communications. The writing is as slow as can be. What are you feeling out there? Anything? Everything?

Because I’m feeling so blocked, if you have any topic-suggestions, I’d be more than happy to read them 🙂 And maybe it will inspire me. The more philosophical the better 🙂

And yes I am still available for readings. That’s one of things that’s been occupying me. And trying to figure out how best to divide my energy between writing, looking at charts, my other work, and the care and feeding of my emotional life, which looks a little bit like that monkey in the picture.

Whatever the answers are, right now I don’t feel them. I always feel transits less when they are exact so if Saturn could hurry up and just land on my Sun (in square), I think I’d feel some relief. Until that time though, I think I need to take my own advice and cough up the diamond.

Thanks for your support! Love, MP

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