Let’s Talk Venus In Virgo!

"venus in virgo"
Denis Leary has Venus in Virgo!

Do you have this placement? What’s it like for you?

Venus enters Virgo on Sunday evening, New York City time. If Venus is Love, then Venus in Virgo may love with a critical eye, searching for what’s wrong or what could be wrong.  Virgo picks. Virgo worries. She may break down everything you say, seeking clarification. But she will love and serve with all her heart.

It’s cruel to tease a Virgo. Why? Because they are sensitive. Because they are so often cruel to themselves. Be kind to your Virgo, okay? They are smart. You need one around.

I have a friend with Venus in Virgo. He’s Sun Saturn Virgo, Mercury in Virgo, Mars in Scorpio and then that Venus. I’ve never known a more serious fellow, decent, honorable, good. A gentleman. I met him on line some years ago (yes, a dating thing) and we had one date (he lived a few hours away). We had lunch, walked around town, and… I wasn’t ready yet. I was getting over someone and needed more time. Somehow we stayed in touch all these years, as friends.

What’s interesting to me (side issue!) is that I was getting over a Sagittarius. And my first boyfriend ever was a Sagittarius and the dude I’m thinking of right now is a Sagittarius and I think I’m just trying to get it RIGHT. My Virgo Moon Pluto conjunction obviously wants to die in the arms, under the hooves, of the half-man, half-beast. God help me.

Bottom line? Sometimes a Virgo needs MORE Virgo. And sometimes not.

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