Lemon Excursion & The Moon In Virgo!

We’re making fish tonight.

Well, my husband is.

I don’t cook much.

When I do, it’s… not really cooking. More like burning. Yearning! For something good to eat 😉

I was at the store actually, ready to buy MEAT.

My body craves protein and I called him up to ask his advice about different cuts of meat that I was staring at and all he had to say was the word MUSCLE as he began to explain why such and such cut was superior to the one I was eyeing and… I had second thoughts. I’m squeamish like that. VIRGO MOON. One word and I was DONE. I’m NOT as squeamish about fish.

Fish, by the way are associated with fertility, with luck and protection and this reminded me of Jupiter, the original ruler of Pisces.

And then I checked the lemons. The lemons were no longer viable so my husband left on a lemon excursion (and for garlic and butter) and you guessed it, I started thinking about THE STARS TODAY.

Well, actually, the Stars Tomorrow:

the Moon will be in work mode (VIRGO, details, service and cutie pie sourpuss, cleaning up messes, analysis, file folders and list making!).

Mercury (Virgo’s ruler) is retrograde in secretive, persistent Scorpio, and Mercury will conjoin lesson-giver meanie Saturn.

What will this mean for you? Well, we’ve had this conjunction before. On October 8th to be exact. It’s solemn. It’s serious. It’s… bad? Not necessarily.

It was just a few weeks ago. What were you up to that first week of October and what’s happening now?  TIME TO SEAL THE DEAL.

And time for dinner 🙂

Love, MP


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