Left For Dead: Under The Sun Saturn Sky

"sun saturn opposition" There comes a time when the lessons serve no purpose. If you are searching for your “feel good” blogger, please look elsewhere.

A woman on my Facebook Timeline talking about being under Pluto transits for over 12 years. She even used the word “slice,” how they really took a slice (paraphrasing). I forget all the details now but Pluto opposed her Venus, opposed her Sun, squared her Rising… and more. So I asked her: what does your life look like now? There ARE people for whom EVERYTHING (or nearly) gets taken away. Too many hard times just creates frustration and misery like a chart with only hard aspects.

These people exist. These lives exist. Hard ones. Really hard ones. If you can’t deal with this truth, again, please find another blog, one rich with empowerment. I have no empowerment for you today. We’re under a Sun opposition Saturn sky. Maybe the only solace is that you aren’t alone in your Hard Times. Not the only one. But do beware: there are people who will claim to identify with you, who know where you’ve been but it’s often (sometimes) bullshit. They don’t know. They don’t want to know. And then there are the ones who keep you at arms length (hoping your hard times aren’t catching). And of course the ones who try to bully you into “feeling better” because they cannot face/admit their own losses.

Do you feel left for dead? If so, there is a probably a good reason (or a few) even if you can’t locate them right away. That’s okay.

And if you don’t feel left for dead, good to note that too. You can assist the rest of us. If you dare.

If this post is describing you, just try to respect the moment you are in. Sit with it.

So I asked my cards what I needed to know (today) and I was surprised by the cheerful response. Six Swords, Three Wands, Fool. Of course Six Swords is a passage, not overnight but optimistic still. Three Wands as well burn bright. Torches in the night. Crowley compares this card to spring. “Ability to envision possibilities” says Mary K Greer and that really strikes me here because then both these minor cards become about The Future. Six Swords is on the way, in transit. Three Wands stands tall and strong and “self expression” is a key phrase you’ll also see around this card. And the Fool? This is where the Six and the Three are leading.

If you are feeling left for dead under the Sun Saturn sky or your own personal transits, these cards deliver deliverance. And you may be as surprised to see them as I was but feel free to borrow them. There is room for all.

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