Leaving Los Virgos! (Again)

"full moon in pisces"

As the Sun leaves Virgo, Virgo themes become that much more important. Because we’re saying goodbye until next year. Lonesome Mercury still in the sign, but… it’s an ending, a time to review.

Saying goodbye to Virgo has been a theme for me lately, I know, but I can’t let it go, not just yet.

What did Virgo Season bring you? Did you lose anything? Remember that Pisces Full Moon? Honestly? I did. Lost and gained.

The Full Moon in Pisces was opposing Virgo. If you return to the Virgo/Pisces axis in your chart and meditate on it, hold the chart in your hands… what do you see? What do you feel? Feel that border. Walk across it. This land is your land!

I really did clean a lot during Virgo, organized some, worked a lot: all very Virgo. My health also improved: I quit smoking and took up some good habits and I hope they stick 😉

My point here is to pay attention to the seasons, to the cycles, to something outside your own mind, world, heart.

Jewishly speaking, it’s the month of Elul now, the time before Rosh Hashannah, the start of the High Holidays. It’s our Xmas, so to speak. It’s that important. I’m not sure how much I’ll observe if anything. Hard for me to just dip a toe in, as I was explaining to roommate last night. Someday I will make peace with all of it. Or not. Until then? The seasons, cycles, show me where to turn my attention.

And you? 

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