Leaving Depression: Can You? Will You?

"pluto in the 1st house"You know what gives you perspective? REALLY gives you perspective? Having terrible things happen. Having ENOUGH terrible things happen.

And if it doesn’t crush you, doesn’t crush you permanently, you do emerge not only stronger but… different. Your brain chemistry changes.

I speak from experience. There comes a point where you ARE CHANGED. And it could take 30 years.

Someone did a reading for me recently and mentioned something in my chart that showed depression. Well, yes, I felt depressed from birth up until… some point in my 30s. Crisis, trauma, fear, depression. But I’m not that person anymore.

And this is not an “advertisement” for difficult things. Maybe some people do not need tests to evolve. Maybe I don’t or didn’t. But it happened anyway.

This afternoon, I was taking a nap 🙂 and my mind was wandering and I was thinking about that reading and about depression and… I just can’t imagine that head space anymore. I’m not there. I do have my moods of course. I’m emotional. Sun in Cancer always has moods. But I’m not there. Too much has happened. Too much loss and… a fair amount of gain that matters to me, at this point.

The feelings… they MOVE.

Not that I don’t get freaked out or wouldn’t get freaked out by Uranian disruptions of various sorts but that stubborn nothing-nowhere place is not mine anymore. I’ve gone to the other side. And I can’t change anyone’s circumstances but I can provide a word or two of hope because I have had nothing or FELT like I had nothing and no one.

Maybe this is Pluto talk. Pluto in my 1st House: the self is continually reborn. Or maybe it’s Saturn in my 9th, natally, the depressed one becomes the teacher.

We haven’t yet talked about any of this in MoonPluto Land surprisingly. I wasn’t going topic-by-topic except astrologically but someone brought up their love life in the room today and I’m thinking that as this “class” morphs into the private forum (yes, you can join us, email me for details), we’ll be talking about this and all manner of stuff. How to become the Magician, you know? Creation.

I hate to say it but Uranus is your friend. As long as you are here, in earth school 😉 the unannounced, unexpected, sometimes unfriendly circumstances that Uranus bestows us with… We probably wouldn’t move an inch otherwise. The dust settles and you notice that you have been flung into the life you were meant to have.

Love, MP 

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