Last One For The Full Moon In Capricorn

"moon in capricorn"
Kim Basinger: Moon in Capricorn

There is no way to separate the Full Moon in Capricorn from our buddy Saturn, in Libra. See, Saturn rules Capricorn, and the Moon in Capricorn squared Saturn in Libra. It was a brief transit, the Moon moves quickly, but a painful one, harsh. If all of this criss-crossing confuses you, don’t worry. The main thing to remember now is that Saturn in Libra is making you… stand-up somewhere in your chart and in your life. It’s your job to find out where. (And not such a hard job, actually; you can call me or another friendly astrologer 😉

Saturn is currently transiting my 11th House by way of marching through my 2nd House i.e. Saturn in Libra squares my 11th (Cancer). The result? I’m losing friends i.e. now that Saturn is direct again, I’m losing friends. Is it painful? Kinda. But in the scheme of things? In the BIG scheme of things, life-wise, my life? Not at all, not at all. Aquarius rules my 11th House of Friends and Aquarius, similar to Scorpio, can detatch, can impersonalize. Can feel deeply, but can say ENOUGH.

I can only assume that these friends (11th House) and I don’t share the same values (2nd House) and it’s coming to light (Full Moon) now. Win some. Lose some. Win some more. Lose again. Libra is my 2nd House so yeah I can fake it ’til I make it, but apparently I can’t anymore.

So along comes Saturn to “fix” what’s “broke” i.e. along comes Saturn to make you be REAL i.e. have integrity (Saturn) in your relationships (Libra). And despite the ugh knife in the gut, I’m not going to fight this energy.

What is Saturn taking from you?

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