Last Days of Jupiter in Aries

Jupiter really is hanging in there, hanging on to his last days in Aries. It was a quick transit and I think overshadowed by the awesome Aries stellium action (not even including Jupiter). Remember that? I thought I was going to lose my mind as it squared my Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars and I thought I was going to lose my budding fragile relationship too. I had super new-relationship aspects and yet Aries, like an angry war God… well, you finish the metaphor. Mercury Rx was also going on. In short, I do not like Mercury square Mercury or Mars square Mars, and especially not at the same time. Damn. The metaphor I want to use now is a dirty one. Never mind 🙂

Now we’ve got the Sun in Gemini and personal planets in Taurus and the outers are doing their long-time things (good morning Uranus) and hey Jupiter! Still in Aries!

I think we’re all ready to move on. What did Jupiter in Aries bring you?

Note to self: do not offend the God of War

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