Lamentation: Venus In The 12th House (again)

"venus square neptune"

Men seem to like me in theory.  At a distance.  And I suppose I choose these types as well.  We choose each other.  He’s afraid to get close.  I can’t do anything but.

Breaking out of the 12th House can take a lifetime(s). You think you escaped but then you realize you’re still in there! In the cloister! They put you where they can’t reach you. No cavalry is coming.

Venus in the 12th House is looking for something to latch onto, and if she can’t find it? She’ll dream it up.

And even though my 12th House Venus, and my Venus square Neptune, and Neptune on my descendent causes me pain, I still must  observe it, touch it, bear it, see what’s there.

Until the transformation takes.

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