Kvetching About Saturn (Again)

"Frida Kahlo"
Frida Kahlo: Sun in Cancer

So I keep threatening to leave Facebook and I see this as a manifestation of transiting Saturn applying to my Sun, Mercury and Mars in Cancer, especially my Mercury. 2nd House to 11th house. My friendships are being affected, but more the not-in-person-Facebook-reconnection-type friendship, which is pretty 11th House if you think about it.

Communication, Mercury, is becoming a burden, Saturn.

And so I updated my status today saying that okay maybe I won’t leave Facebook, I’ll just yell at anyone who annoys me. Sounds like a Saturn in Libra square Mercury in Cancer compromise, doesn’t it? Especially if you throw in my progressed Moon in Aries grrr.

Seriously though: Facebook, I think, is starting to do me more harm than good and weren’t there REAL REASONS why we didn’t stay in touch with certain people? Am I wrong? Didn’t we stay in touch with the ones we were meant to? And now comes the Internet and it’s possible to reach out and touch everyone you ever knew. And these are questions that I’m asking. Not saying I have the answers.

But do I really need ANOTHER ex-boyfriend looking me up? Well, actually, the one who looked me up during my progressed Moon in Pisces wasn’t an ex-boyfriend but an old friend from high school who messaged me one day and it wasn’t long before he was admitting he hoped I was single and telling me I was “The One.” Okay, ladies. How many of you have experienced this?

It was my first time (I think) and now I’ll know better for the future but with Venus square Neptune? You always hope for the best. You always hope the love is real. You always hope they say what they mean. And yeah they may mean it in the moment. Sure they do 😉

He was, is, a Scorpio Sun, Venus, Mercury, Neptune. With Saturn in Taurus opposing it all. Was I fooled by love? The classic Venus square Neptune story? Maybe. Do I even know? I have Venus square Neptune!

So now what. It’s decisions like this, whether to leave Facebook or not, that can keep me from making the other decisions. But the truth is: it’s disconcerting. I used to really enjoy it but I’m tired of things going sour, one after the other.

With Saturn squaring my 11th House? This is not the time to expand friendship so it seems. Or maybe it’s the time to define friendship. See? That’s the higher side of the energy. What do I want? What do I get from Facebook? Define it. Is it worth it (2nd House) to spend time (Saturn) there? Or is it a waste of time?

To balance out the Saturnian mood that I’m in, I look to Jupiter and I think hmm Jupiter, you are transiting my 9th House.  A-ha!  So that’s where the horizon is. That’s where the expansion is… in the 9th House of… 9th House stuff! Travel? God? Expansion of… all kinds of horizons, literal and metaphorical.

I am anxious for the next part of my life to begin, the next HALF really, the last half, the last piece, the best piece 🙂 So Saturn keeps it slow and Jupiter makes things grow. We need them both. Right? (Aliza nods reassuringly at the readers she hopes are more than imaginary.)

And here’s the weird thing: transiting Jupiter is going to sit on my natal Saturn in Taurus. And transiting Saturn in Libra is going to sit on my natal Jupiter. It’s a theme! Contract, expand, contract, expand: balance. And love. Venus rules both Taurus and Libra.

There’s only so much I can untangle for myself. Which is why I reach out to astrologers and teachers too. Just like you 🙂

I cannot predict the result of my Saturn transit. Actually, maybe I can. At least as far as the 11th House goes: I think for a time I will contract. And, then, when the worst is over, I’ll emerge. Not sure what the change will be. But I know I will emerge. And I do know I want to keep writing here. It means the world to me. Saturn square Mercury will make me work for the words but it is worth it 🙂

Where’s your transiting Saturn? Where’s your transiting Jupiter? Which are you feeling more? Are you shrinking? Are you growing? Tell us! Don’t be shy! I know you’re out there 🙂

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